New Prayer Candle app

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My attempt at crowdfunding for a server-based Prayer Candles application did not go well. The initial vision of users registering accounts, logging in, saving and sharing their virtual candles is perhaps just too much for what should be a simple and quick process.

So let’s try something different. Right now it’s just you and an unlit candle at first, with a text entry field for an optional devotional note.

Prayer Candle - unlit

Enter some text, or not, and then click (or tap) the “Light Candle” button.

Prayer Candle screenshot

That’s all it takes to light your candle. Here is the link to the new version of My Prayer Candle. The text you enter will be saved by your browser, so you can return later to find your candle still burning bright. It works fine on desktops, tablets, and phones.

I welcome any suggestions for improvements, and have a list of many planned already. One at the top is smoothing the flame animation for this candle, along with adjusting the candle graphics so everything aligns better horizontally. Please share the link ( with anyone you think would like to light a virtual candle.

— Hugh (